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羅國明先生(創業家及天使投資人)原是JobsDB的創始成員之一,2010年,JobsDB以28億賣盤之後,他將所有股份分紅投資創辦了先作科技有限公司,數年來做出500多個遍佈全球的流動應用程式,他也帶領團隊贏取多個本地及國際奬項。2015年,其產品團信獲TechCrunch、Wall Street Journal等國際媒體報導,更吸引到美國著名初創企業「加速器」Y Combinator 青睞投資。他堅信,分享是創業成功的鑰匙。

Mr. Roy Law (Serial Entrepreneur& Angel Investor) was one of the founding members of JobsDB, Asia’s biggest recruitment portal. After serving 10 years in the portal, in 2010, Roy decided to start his own business and then founded AppTask and TeamNote successively. In 5 years, AppTask’s businesses have spanned the globe and won numerous local and international awards. In 2015, TeamNote was featured on TechCrunch, Wall Street Journal and other international media. In the same year, it was backed by the renowned Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator and officially launched globally in San Francisco. Roy believes that sharing is the key to success in entrepreneurship.

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